Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India

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Sir Ganga Ram Hospital's biggest achievement lies in happiness of its patients. Healthy and satisfied people walking out of the hospital, is a very satisfying sight for our extremely talented and highly qualified medical experts. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has also achieved success in terms of academics and research as:

  • First whole body CT Scan unit in Delhi :  installed at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.
  • Department of ENT :  Largest Otorhinolaryngology Centre offering all latest and advanced procedures and surgeries, equipped with state of art VOICE and SWALLOWING centre one of the pioneer in this field in the country.
  • Department of Nephrology & Renal Transplantation :  Leading centre in the country with an active dialysis programme. Pioneers in CAPD programme in India. Major renal transplantation centre with over 650 live related transplants in 10 years.
  • Department of Vascular Surgery :  First dedicated vascular surgery india unit in North / Central India with a large no. of arterial bypass and endarterectomy procedures.
  • Department of Gastroenterology :  Leading centre performing wide array of endoscopic procedures.
  • Department of Minimal Access Surgery :  First such dedicated unit in all of South Asia. One of the surgeons holds the international distinction of the largest no. of endoscopic surgical procedures done by the single individual.
  • Department of Urology :  First such unit in the private sector. Started endo - urology in 1975. Were the first unit performing urodynamic studies in North India. Extensive experience in percutaneous treatment of renal stones.
  • Department of Orthopaedics Surgery :  It has the distinction of having the first bone bank in India.
  • Department of Paediatrics and Paediatric Surgery :  First department in the private sector to develop paediatric sub-specialty services. The neonatology unit is the busiest in the private sector.
  • Department of Surgical Gastroenterology :  India First unit of it's kind in the private sector. Performing complex surgical procedures on the pancreas liver and GI tract.
  • Department of Ophthalmology :  Pioneers in phacoemulsification technique under topical anesthesia.
  • In Vitro Fertilization Unit :  Established in 1991, this unit has the highest success rates in the country with pregnancy rates of 25%.
  • Department of Homoeopathy :  Furthering the concept of holistic medicine, SGRH started the department which is the first of it's kind in a multi- specialty private hospital.
  • Department of Academics :  In order to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of medicine, and to impart the latest information to students and consultants, SGRH created the department to raise the standards of training , patient care and research. This is the first of its kind in a private hospital in North India.
  • Department of Genetics :  It is the leading unit in the country performing genetic studies and providing counseling.
  • Department of Cardiac Surgery :  Dharam Vira Heart Centre has one of the highest incidence of Off Pump Surgeries in the country at 96.2% of total coronary artery bypass surgeries, including total arterial revasularisation, sequential arterial grafting and "Y" and "T" grafts.