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Dr. Pallavi Purwar

Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Pallavi Purwar

Thoracic Surgery

The Life Of A Thoracic Surgeon Revolves Around Lung Surgery, Indications, And Peri-Operative Care. However, Dr Pallavi Has A Keen Interest In Talking About Lung Health Not Just from a Surgeon’s Perspective But Also As a Human Being Dedicated to Understanding Our Lungs.

As A Society We Have Evolved In Health Care Practices From Diagnosis (Understanding The Problem), Treatment (Finding Solution To The Problem), Cure ( Intent Of Getting Rid Of The Problem), Care ( Delivering Cure With An Element of Nurturing) to wellness ( Talking of Keeping Healthy Before We Start Facing Problems).

This Is What Dr Pallavi Believes Is The Evolution Necessary With Regards To Lung Health. We Need Solutions For Your Lungs Right From Diagnosis To Wellness And Hence She Wants Every Citizen Of The Country To Understand About Lung Health From Problems To Solutions To Prevention As Well As Timely Cure In Those It Is Needed

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Lung, Lung Cancer, Pulmonary Nodules, Pleural Effusions, Empyema, Spontaneous Pneumothorax, Hydropneumothorax, Bullous Lung Disease , Hemothorax, Chylothorax, Bronchopleural Fistula, Chest Wall Tumor, Mesothelioma, Interstitial Lung Disease , Mediastinum, Mediastinal Mass, Lymphadenopathy, Thymoma, Lymphoma , Sarcoidosis, Germ Cell Tumor, Thymic Cysts, Pericardial Effusion, Pericardial Cyst, Neurogenic Tumors, Schwannoma Trachea, Tracheal Mass, Tracheal Stenosis, Tracheomalacia, Esophagus, Esophageal Cancer, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (Gerd), Paraesophageal Hernia, Achalasia, Esophageal Stricture, Esophageal Perforation, Esophagea, L Diverticulum, Leiomyoma, Diaphragm, Diaphragmatic Hernia, Elevated Hemidiaphragm

English, Hindi

Approaches- Thoracotomy/Vats/Rats, Lobectomy/Bilobectomy, Segmentectomy, Pneumonectomy, Completion Pneumonectomy, Physiological Exclusion, Procedures For Destroyed Adherent Lung Extrapleural Pneumonectomy Decortication Thoracoplasty Hydatid Cyst Excision Mediastinal Tumour/ Cyst Excision Thymectomy Emergency Re-Exploratory Thoracotomy Open Lung Biopsies Open Metastatectomy, Chamberlain Procedure, Chest Wall Tumor Resection With Recontruction, Tracheal Resection And Reconstruction, Bullectomy, Trans-Thoracic Esophagectomy

  1. 2019

    First Runner Up In PGC Master Cup As Part Of Team Asia - ESTS Conference At Dublin

  2. 2018

    Young Investigator's Award At NALCCON Patna : Evaluation of the Extent of Implementation Of Evidence Based Guidelines For The Management of Lung Cancer - Tata Memorial Centre

  3. 2018

    Second Prize For Oral Presentation At Nalccon Patna: Evaluation Of The Extent Of Implementation Of Evidence Based Guidelines For The Management Of Lung Cancer - Tata Memorial Centre.

  4. 2018

    Second Prize At Quiz : Contemporary Practices In Surgery. - AIIMS

  5. 2015

    Young Investigator's Award At NALCCON Patna : Mediastinal Staging In The Era Of Improved Imaging For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer -

  6. 2015

    First Prize For Poster Presentation At NALCCON At Kolkota : Mediastinal Staging In Era Of Improved Imaging For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer -

  7. 2013

    First Prize For Oral Presentation At 1st Indian Cancer Congress Post Esophagectomy Chyle Leak: Impact On Postoperative Outcomes -

Tuberculosis Surgery Aspergilloma Empyema Bronchiectasis Hydatid Disease Of The Lung Lung Cancer Mediastinal Tumors Esophageal Surgery

  1. 2018-2018

    NPTEL Certification on Management of Tuberculosis , NPTEL

  2. 2010-2010

    Certificate course on Comprehensive Trauma Life Support

  3. 2014-2014

    Certification by ACCORD on Protocol writing workshop , ACCORD

  4. 2011-2011

    Certificate course on Research Methodology and Biostatistics

  5. 2010-2010

    End of Life Care Certificate Programme

  1. European Society of Thoracic Surgeons

  2. Indian Society of Thoracic Surgeons and Trust

  3. Indian Society for Study of Lung Cancer

  4. Indian Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

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