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Uro Oncology Clinic

Urologic Oncology deals with cancers and tumors of the Urinary tract of males and females, as well as tumors and cancers of the male reproductive organs.

We have started a dedicated Uro Oncology Clinic led by Consultant Urologist Dr Ashwin Mallya

Location: F24

Time: Wednesday 11 am- 12 noon


Services offered
  1. Prostate Cancer
  2. Kidney cancer
  3. Urinary Bladder cancer
  4. Urothelial cancer of ureters
  5. Urethral cancer
  6. Testicular cancer
  7. Penile cancer
  8. Adrenal gland tumors and cancers


The clinic provides state of art facilities for early diagnosis & management of all Urologic cancers mentioned above.

Surgical Expertise is available for management of all Urologic Cancers including endoscopic surgeries, open Radical surgeries, Minimally invasive including Laparoscopic surgeries and Robotic Surgeries.

Multidisciplinary management is planned for advanced and recurrent cancers.

Management is done in conjunction with other oncological specialties via tumor board discussions.