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Ambulance services are provided by ‘Reach Out’ with 24/7 availability. The ambulances come with trained Registered Paramedics who can provide advanced emergency medical care right at the site of the emergency. They will ensure you get the necessary care during transport to the hospital.

Ambulances come in three types:

1.  ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance: Suitable for transporting unstable or critically ill patients for long-distance transfers. It comes with a roll-in self-foldable stretcher, cardiac monitors, and basic respiratory support, among other facilities.

2.  BLS (Basic Life Support) ambulance: Suitable for transporting stable patients with basic traumatic injuries such as broken bones. It comes with a basic oxygen support system and a first-aid kit.

3.  PTV (Patient Transport Vehicle): Suitable for transporting stable patients to and from the hospital for planned surgeries or post-discharge. It is equipped with basic oxygen support and a first-aid kit.


Comparative chart of different types of ambulances:

Additional services such as air ambulance, railway ambulance, and hearse services are also available, and provided through outsourced vendors, and the terms and conditions may vary.

Coordination of patient transportation from other countries can be assisted by REACH OUT, which includes:

1.  Air ambulance for critically ill patients.

2.  Flight tickets for patients and attendants.

3.  Lodging arrangements for patients pre and post-hospitalization.

4.  Lodging arrangements for patients' attendants who are traveling with the patients.

5.  Interpreter services.


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