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Recent Advances In Anaesthesia

A visit to a hospital is often viewed with great anxiety. If the doctor advises a surgery or an interventional procedure as a treatment option, most of the patients worry about what to expect.
In present scenario availability of safe and quality anesthesia services makes the experience of surgery a pleasant one for any patient. Anesthesia services are an integral part of any super speciality hospital. Anesthesia services are provided to you in case you have to undergo surgery and interventional procedure. Any patient undergoing surgery can be given Anesthesia in any one of the following ways: General Anaesthesia (patient is asleep during the procedure and does not respond to any stimuli, including pain) Regional Anaesthesia (a part of body where the surgery is to be performed is made numb, especially useful in limb surgeries and caesarean sections) Monitored Anaesthesia Care/ Procedural Sedation (this is used for procedures like Endoscopy, ERCP, Colonoscopy etc. where general anesthesia is not required or may not be possible and an anesthetist is present to monitor and ensure maximum comfort possible)