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Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) was established as a philanthropic endeavor by its founder, Sir Ganga Ram, with the aim of supporting various charitable causes such as education and women's empowerment. Over time, the hospital has become a testament to Sir Ganga Ram's generosity and a means of fulfilling his far-sighted vision of providing healthcare to those in need through a cross-subsidy model.

The hospital's cross-subsidy model allows the hospital to generate revenue that is used to provide medical treatment and care to economically disadvantaged individuals. By implementing this model, SGRH remains true to its mission of assisting the poor and ensuring that healthcare services are accessible to all.

The hospital operates independently, relying on its internal resources for all its development activities. It does not rely on government or external funding. The governance of SGRH is overseen by a Board of Management composed of esteemed medical consultants, some of whom have international recognition. The board operates under the guidance of the Sir Ganga Ram Trust Society.

To uphold the founder's vision, SGRH is dedicated to providing quality healthcare services to all individuals, regardless of their financial status. 20% of our total bed capacity for the admission of financially weaker sections of society. These patients receive comprehensive care and free facilities, including boarding, lodging, investigations, medicines, and operative procedures.

In addition to inpatient services, free OPD consultations are available  across various medical disciplines. Our General OPDs are open from 8 AM to 10 AM on a first-come, first-served basis. If you wish to consult a consultant in our General OPD, kindly register at the GOPD counter. A list of Consultants and their General OPD timings is attached below.


General OPD timings

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