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Inception and Development of GRIPMER

GRIPMER, the Ganga Ram Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, was established with the aim of bringing together all academic activities under one overarching body. Dr D.S. Rana, the then Chairman of the Board of Management (BoM), played a pivotal role in conceptualizing the idea. Professor Samiran Nundy, the first Dean and current Advisor, worked alongside a dedicated set of faculty members to turn the concept into reality. The journey began in 1996 when an Academic Committee was formed under the guidance of Dr K.C. Mahajan. This committee flourished under his leadership and eventually evolved into the Department of Academics, which was later transformed into GRIPMER in 2012.


Coordinating Academic, Training, and Research Programs

GRIPMER serves as the coordinating body for academic, training, and research programs across various departments of the hospital. It ensures strict adherence to the curriculum prescribed by the National Board of Examinations throughout the year. Regular meetings are held between GRIPMER and DNB students from each department in order to gather valuable feedback. Students are encouraged to share their difficulties and problems, and every effort is made to resolve them internally or with the assistance of other hospitals when necessary.

To enrich the academic environment, GRIPMER organizes lectures by renowned national and international faculty who are experts in their respective fields. The hospital has been privileged to host distinguished luminaries from various specialties, allowing both the resident staff and faculty to update their knowledge and seek clarifications from these esteemed guests. This also facilitates interaction with doctors from different countries who visit India. GRIPMER actively promotes academic activities within the hospital, including original research, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and journal clubs. These activities have gained recognition from the Delhi Medical Council, which provides certification for attending conferences and accumulating Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours.


Supportive Services Provided by GRIPMER

The GRIPMER office, located on the 6th Floor of the Casualty Block, is staffed by dedicated individuals such as Sansar Chand, Deepak Shaklya, Deepak Negi, Harinder Negi, Harnam Das, and S.C. Tiwari. They provide various services to facilitate academic endeavors. The staff offers secretarial assistance to students and faculty for slide preparation and publication data. They also provide access to Medline, enabling researchers to retrieve relevant material for paper writing. The data obtained are stored in the computer system for easy accessibility. GRIPMER ensures that the latest LCD/DLP projection facilities are available for presentations. An expert accompanies speakers to the venue of the lecture in Delhi and neighboring towns. These services are available for a nominal fee, covering transport and the accompanying person's travel expenses. Furthermore, 24-hour internet services and live demonstrations of various procedures are made possible through GRIPMER's support.

The hospital has invested in fiber optic cabling, connecting the General Operation Theatres, Cardiac Operation Theatre, and Endoscopic Room to the main Auditorium. This infrastructure allows the GRIPMER staff to relay live telecasts of various procedures. Two-way communication is facilitated without the need for external agencies.


Clinical Meetings and Conferences

GRIPMER plays a pivotal role in organizing monthly clinical meetings, during which individual departments present their achievements and the latest trends in their respective fields. In addition, the department regularly organizes Clinicopathological conferences, inviting renowned faculty members from distinguished institutions across the country to serve as discussants. The hospital's wealth of good and interesting clinical data enables GRIPMER to conduct these conferences at a high standard.

To disseminate information about hospital activities, both academic and otherwise, GRIPMER publishes a quarterly Hospital Newsletter. This newsletter serves as a platform to provide updates on academic activities and invites interesting and relevant articles from the hospital faculty. To facilitate effective learning, the hospital library is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a paper and electronic section. The electronic section offers computer facilities with internet access, enabling students and faculty to perform Medline searches and access teaching CDs from the National Boards. The library also provides resources for viewing videos of various operative procedures. GRIPMER takes charge of managing the official website of the hospital, ensuring regular updates of information.


DNB Entrance Examination and Publications

GRIPMER is responsible for conducting the Diplomate of National Board of Examination (DNB) entrance examination. The examination is conducted in a fair and impartial manner, following the pattern of renowned institutions worldwide. The reputation of this system is reflected in the increasing number of applicants each year.

In addition, GRIPMER oversees the publication of the bimonthly multi-specialty journal, Current Medicine Research and Practice (CMRP). This esteemed journal focuses on topics of current scientific and public health interest and is indexed in the Embase indexing system. Remarkably, CMRP has maintained a regular publication schedule for the past 10 years, never missing a deadline. Each year, an eminent jury selects the best original paper published in CMRP, and the author is awarded a cash prize and certificate.

GRIPMER also organizes the GRIPMER oration, an annual event where renowned experts in their fields deliver talks on subjects of current medical or socio-medical interest. 


Training Programs and Collaborations

Recognizing the demand for training in specialized areas, GRIPMER offers GRIPMER Fellowships. These fellowships and observerships provide training opportunities for professionals from other medical colleges and private hospitals. The programs focus on relatively new and scarce disciplines, such as neurophysiology, pediatric nephrology, endoscopy, interventional radiology, fetal medicine, and in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The duration, scope, curriculum, and entry/exit criteria for these programs are strictly defined and monitored by GRIPMER.

GRIPMER also plays a vital role in coordinating the training of overseas doctors seeking to gain experience at the hospital. An ongoing collaboration with KGMU Thimphu, Bhutan has enabled the establishment of postgraduate programs in General Surgery, Pediatrics, Medicine, Gynecology, Anesthesia, and Ophthalmology. The hospital has been mentoring this institution for the past seven years, helping build capacity in specialized areas.


GRIPMER as the Hub of Academic Activities

With its comprehensive range of academic initiatives, GRIPMER has become the central hub for all academic activities at SGRH. It embodies the belief that sound academics form the bedrock of clinical excellence. By coordinating academic, training, and research programs, organizing conferences and meetings, supporting publication endeavors, and facilitating collaborations and training programs, GRIPMER continues to advance the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in healthcare at SGRH.

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