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In this clinic consultation and physical examination will be provided free of cost. Advice for further evaluation and management will be given at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital - Schedule of Charges.

The problem of Hypospadias occurs in male child and its incidence is 1 in every 300 male child. Some time it is associated with curvature of penis. Rarely it may  present in adolescent/adult age. In hypospadias opening of urinary passage is not at the tip of penis, rather it opens at the ventral surface of penis. As shown in figure.

We use Snodgrass technique (Tabularized incised plate urethroplasty) to reconstruction the urethra from its abnormal position to tip of penis.This is the most commonly used technique for hypospadias repair at present. According to need sometime Mathews and MAGPI procedure are also used. Success rate in our hand is around 92 %, which is comparable to international literature. This operation is routinely done by Dr. Amrendra Pathak (9818484356)

Complications of Hypospadias Surgery - like bleeding fistula, dehiscence of repair or stricture are minimum in his hand.

The aim of running this clinic is to promote awareness about this disease among parent and its cure in early childhood.

osce of organs, can all be managed laparoy or prolonging hospitalization.


Days & Timings:

Every Tuesday from 9am - 11 am in Room # F-28, new OPD block, first floor.


Photographs of successful Hypospadias Surgeries:

( Penoscrotal Hypospadias repair )