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Successful Bilateral Hand Transplant

In an unexpected turn of fate, Mr Raju (Name Changed), 45yr/male, a resident of Nangloi, found himself at the crossroads of despair and hope after a tragic train accident.

In Oct 2020, Mr Raju (Name Changed) who was a painter by profession, decided to cross the train tracks of Nangloi on his bicycle. On his venture to cross the tracks, Mr Raju (Name Changed) lost control of his bicycle and took a fall & ran over by the train losing both his upper limbs.

Mr Raju (Name Changed), belonging to an economically weaker section of society became dependent on others for all his day-to-day activities. His only options were either the use of prosthetics or a hand transplant. He began using the prosthetics but his prosthetic trial was unsuccessful and now his only way of hope was a hand transplant. But, at that time no centre in north India had permission to perform hand transplants.

In Feb 2023, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi became the first hospital in north India to receive permission to perform hand transplants. When we were looking for potential candidates for a hand transplant, Mr Raju (Name Changed) was on our waiting list. 

As per transplant protocols, detailed examination and necessary investigations were done. In 3rd week of January, a glimmer of optimism emerged for Mr Raju (Name Changed) when he got a call from the hospital. 

The donor, Mrs Meenu Sharma (Name Changed), is a retired Vice Principal of New Greenfield School, Kalkaji, New Delhi. Mrs Sharma (Name Changed), in her foresight and altruism, and her family members had expressed a wish to donate her organs after her passing.

On 19th January, the surgical process, a first of its kind in Delhi, was nothing short of extraordinary. A dedicated team of surgeons collaborated tirelessly to execute this intricate procedure, delicately reattaching various components, including bones, arteries, veins, tendons, muscles, nerves, and skin. Precision and expertise were the keys, to ensuring the seamless integration of the transplanted hands into Mr. Raju’s (Name Changed) body.

The team of Doctors who undertook this surgery are Plastic Surgery:
Dr Mahesh Mangal (Chairman)
Dr S.S. Gambhir (Sr. Consultant)
Dr Anubhav Gupta (Sr. Consultant)
Dr Bheem Nanda (Sr. Consultant)
Dr Nikhil Jhunjhunwala, Hand and Microsurgery (Consultant)
The Anaesthesia team is led by Dr Jayashree Sood & Dr Anil Jain.
Orthopaedics – Dr Brajesh Nandan (Sr. Consultant)
Nephrology – Dr Manish Malik (Sr. Consultant)
Pathology – Dr. Pallav Gupta (Sr. Consultant)
Dr Gourav, Dr Subhash and all the DNB residents of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

For Mr Raju (Name Changed), this operation signified more than just the physical restoration of his limbs; it heralded a new chapter of possibilities, resilience and a future filled with renewed hope. 
The introduction of Bilateral Hand Transplants in Delhi opens up new avenues for individuals to reclaim not just their physical capabilities but also regain a sense of normalcy and independence in their daily lives emphasizing the transformative impact such surgeries can have on the lives of individuals who have endured the psychological and physical burdens of arm loss.

Now, after six weeks, Mr Raju (Name Changed) is all set to get discharged from the hospital with his new pair of hands on 7th March 2024, at 3rd floor HDU (Room no. 1378) at around 10:45am, we want to celebrate this occasion with you for a lifetime memory.

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