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Paed High Risk Neonates Clinic

Establishment of neonatal nurseries and advances in prenatal care has improved the chances of survival of the newborn; these babies are at an increased risk for developmental disorders. Developmental follow up of at risk babies supported by early intervention therapy is the answer to these problems.

Beneficiaries of high-risk clinic: All infants who are discharged from the neonatal unit should be screened for developmental and hearing problems so that intervention can be done at the appropriate time.

Services provided at the clinic

  • Complete medical assessment by developmental paediatrician.
  • Developmental assessment and behavior modification by child psychologists.
  • Assessment and neurodevelopment by Occupational Therapists.
  • Assessment and management of hearing and visual problems
  • Orthopaedic treatment if required.
  • Team :
  • Dr. Praveen Suman
  • Imran Noorani
  • Sona Bhawnani
  • Richa Kapoor