Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India

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Paediatrics Pulmonology Clinic

Children suffering from chronic problems of the lungs and airways are enrolled in this clinic free of charge.

Persistent or recurrent wheeze, not responding well to bronchodilator therapy is the commonest disorder seen in this clinic. Comprehensive management includes detailed clinical and radiological evaluation. When required spirometric and bronchoscopic tests are also conducted. A complete plan of treatment is drawn and time spent with the family members to educate them and involve them in the treatment. Inhalation technique is demonstrated and checked at subsequent visits. Symptoms recording by the patients in a diary is encouraged. Patients are explained the importance of environment control.

Children having break through acute exacerbation of their symptoms are advised to avail the free casualty and emergency care facilities of our hospital.

  • Days & Timings
  • Every Tuesday between 2pm - 4pm in Pediatric Ward