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We strive to provide comfortable and pleasant accommodation options for our patients and their attendants. Our aim is to ensure a serene and supportive environment that promotes healing and well-being.

Spacious and Well-Appointed Rooms: Our hospital features a range of spacious and well-appointed rooms designed to cater to the diverse needs of our patients. From private rooms to semi-private and general ward accommodations, we offer a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Thoughtful Interior Design: Each room is meticulously designed to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. The interiors are tastefully furnished with comfortable beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, and seating arrangements, creating a cozy and homely ambience.

Ample Natural Light: We understand the importance of natural light in promoting healing and positivity. Our rooms are designed to maximize natural light, allowing patients to benefit from its uplifting effects. Large windows in the rooms offer soothing views of greenery or the surrounding cityscape.

Modern Amenities: Our rooms are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Facilities such as air conditioning, television and intercom systems are provided to enhance the convenience and comfort of our patients.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: We place great emphasis on maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Our dedicated housekeeping staff ensures that the rooms are kept spotless and sanitized regularly to create a safe and healthy environment for our patients.

Privacy and Personal Space: We recognize the importance of privacy for our patients and their attendants. Our rooms are designed to provide a sense of privacy and personal space, allowing patients to rest and recover without unnecessary disturbances.

Access to Essential Services: Our accommodation areas are conveniently located within the hospital premises, providing easy access to essential services such as nursing stations, medical staff. This ensures that our patients and their attendants have everything they need within close proximity.

At Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, we believe that a comfortable and pleasant accommodation experience contributes to the overall well-being and recovery of our patients. We strive to create an environment that promotes relaxation, healing, and a sense of ease for all those entrusted to our care.


Room Tariffs

Please note that the room tariff is subject to the rates outlined below. GST will be charged extra on the above Bed Charges at applicable rates.

S.No. Bed Category Tariff (in Rs.)
1 Category 1-A (Premium Suite) 24000
2 Category 1-B (Suite) 21000
3 Category 1-C (Deluxe) 16000
4 Category 1-D (Single Room) 12000
5 Category - 2 (2 bedded! 3 bedded) 8500
6 Category - 3 (4-bedded) 6500
7 Category - 3 (Paediatrics) 4000
8 Nursery - Category 1 6600
9 Nursery - Category 2 5300
10 Nursery - Category 3 3800
11 Jt replacement room - Category 1 12000
12 it replacement room - Category 3 6500
13 Kidney Transplant Unit 13000
14 Labourroom - Category 1 5300
15 Labour room - Category 2 3000
16 Labour room- Category 3 1600
17 Day-Care Pediatric 2000
18 Day-Care Oncology 3400
19 Day-Care OT 3700
20 Day Care-Overnight Stay 6500


Intensive care charges

SNo Service Area Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3
1 ICU 16600 13800 10900
2 Post Operative ICU 16600 13800 10900
3 Liver Transplant Unit 16600    
4 PICU (Pediatric ICU) 16600 13800 10900
5 Paed cardiac ICU 16600 13800 10900
6 ICCU/IMCU 16600 13800 10900
7 HDU(High Dependency Unit) 14400 11500 8900
8 NNUICU level 1 2360 2360 2360
9 NNU ICU level 2 3550 3550 3550
10 NNUICU level 3 5610 5390 5040
11 ThoracicilDU 11500 11500 11500

Note: 1. All these charges include bed charges and intensive care monitoring charges, which will be applicable as per the category of accommodation at the time of admission or at the time of shifting.

2. Intensive Care monitoring charges include nursing care and Resident Doctor cover round the clock, for intensive nursing and continuous monitoring of all vital parameters, etc. with the support of state of the art equipment.

These charges will be payable in addition to bed charges depending on the type of accommodation.


NNU charges

Neonatal Intensive Care monitoring charges (NNU charges) includes intensive nursing care round the clock, Resident Doctor cover, continuous monitoring of all the vital parameters etc. with the support of state of the art equipment.

NNU charges are levied in addition to bed charges and vary according to level of intensive treatment baby needs:

Level I: Stable neonates with need for continuous monitoring and supported feeding, receiving antibiotics or phototherapy.

Level II: Neonates on oxygen support, High flow therapy or parenteral nutrition.

Level III: Neonates on ventilator.



Patients of Category 1D / 2 discharged directly from labour waiting room will be charged as per Category 2 bed charges only.



In case the patient is shifted from lower category to higher category, the charges for the consultant visits, investigations charges and operation charges since the date of admission will be as per higher category.



i) The operation charges for the day care procedures/surgeries will be that of Category 2.

   For patients staying for less than 6 hours, day care service charges would be Rs. 3500/‐ towards bed charges and the professional charges of doctor, investigations, OT Charges and other miscellaneous services would be charged at actuals.

ii) If patient stays in day care beyond 6 hours, the bed charges will be that of Category 2. However, if patient requires hospitalization, the professional charges of doctor, investigations & OT Charges, etc. will be according to the category where patient is admitted or Category 2 whichever is higher.

ii)     No bed charges are levied for the procedures done under local anaesthesia/sedation where the doctor fee is upto Rs. 7000/‐



1. Checking In / Out

i. Room charges will be billed for full day on the day of admission irrespective of time of checking‐in (room charges are billed from 12.00 am and valid upto 12.00 AM next day).

Half ‐day Room Rent ‐ If room is vacated before 02.00 PM

ii.    If patient is discharged within 24 hrs. of admission, room/bed charges are charged only for one day.

iii.   If the patient is discharged within 3 hours of admission on the recommendations of consultant, no room rent and consultant visit fee

are charged. However, the investigations/drugs/medical & surgical procedures done during this period will be charged.


2. Procedure/ Investigation Charges

i. Unless otherwise specified, rates for Category 1 & 2 will be same as for Private OPD (POPD), while the rates for Category 3 will be same as for General OPD (GOPD).

ii. Daycare patients will be charged at Category 2 rates, unless otherwise specified.

iii. Hospital charges will be billed @20% for all bedside procedures.

iv. Scopy procedure charges (Gastroentrology / Bronchoscopy procedures) include hospital charges @40% of total procedure charges

v. Rates marked as common will apply to all categories.


3. General Ward (Free ward).

No room rent/ intensive care charges/ investigations/ Doctors fee are levied for patients admitted in General Ward.


4. Operation charges

i)  In case more than one surgeon of the same speciality performs a single procedure, total operation charges will not exceed those fixed for that particular surgery except        where there is written request and consent from the patient or his relative desiring the presence or participation of another surgeon. In such event, both surgeons would      be entitled to charge their full fees.

ii) In case a surgeon feels that in the best interest of the patient, he requires the presence of another doctor of other speciality or subspeciality then two together are entitled      to charge ‐ between themselves equal to 1.5 times of the prescribed operation charge of that procedure. This is conveyed to the patient’s relatives and recorded in the          case sheet.

iii) If more than one surgeon performs two different procedures at the same time on a particular patient, they shall be entitled to charge their separate fees in respect of             procedure performed.

iv) In case one surgeon performs a procedure / operation and another procedure / operation of the same type is also required through one access, the charges of the                 higher  cost surgery will be charged at actual and the lower costsurgery will be charged at 50% rates.

v) Forre‐exploratory surgery at differentsittings,the operation charges will not exceed 50% ofthat procedure.

vi) Surgeons can charge for visits after the 5th Post Operative day.

vii) The operation/procedure charges/visit fees for patients admitted in Category 1A / B will be double the charges of Category 1C/D.

viii) The charges for Category 2 / 3 will be 80% / 60% of Category 1D charges respectively.

ix) The charges for Operation theatre will be 75% of Surgeons Fee for patients operated under General Anaesthesia/ MAC and patients operated under Regional Blocks.

x) The charges for Operation theatre will be 55% of Surgeons Fee for patients operated under Local Anaesthesia.

xi) The charges for Operation theatre will be 42% of Surgeons Fee for patients operated in Minor OT.

xii) The charges for Cardiac Cath lab will be 50% of Consultants Fee.

xiii) The charges for Vascular & Interventional Cath lab will be 60% of Consultants Fee.

xiv) The Hospital charges for general anaesthesia/MAC (consumables) will be 16% of Surgeons Fee.

xv) The Hospital chargesfor local anaesthesia (consumables) will be Rs. 400/‐ per procedure.

xvi) Anaesthetist Fee will be 32% of Surgeons Fee for patients operated under General Anaesthesia/ MAC.

xvii) Anaesthetist Fee will be 27% of Surgeons Fee for patients operated in Minor OT.

xviii) Anaesthetist Fee will be 22% of Surgeons Fee for patients operated under Local Anaesthesia (minor cases) with stand by.

xix) Anaesthetist Fee will be 32% of Procedure / Consultant fee for procedures done under General Anaesthesia/ MAC in Cath lab/ Endoscopy.

xx) Anaesthetist Fee will be 22% of Procedure / Consultant fee for procedures done under Local Anaesthesia/ Standby in Cath lab/ Endoscopy.

xxi) The Cardiologist’s charges for monitoring (if required / requested) will be 10% of Surgeons Fee.

xxii) The Neurologist / Neurosurgeon charges for standby/monitoring (if required / requested) will be 10% of Surgeons Fee.

xxiii) In case, a patient is transferred from lower category to higher category after operation, will be charged according to the charges of higher category from the date of admission itself.

xxiv) Any related procedure to facilitate an intended surgery will not be charged extra.

xxv) Additional Robotic Surgery charges as per Schedule of charges will be payable for Robotic Surgery.


5. TPA/ Corporate patients will bear all the charges not approved by respective TPAs/ Corporates and will pay at actuals at the time of discharge.



Package charges for some treatments described in the Schedule of Charges are exclusive of GST.

GST will be charged extra at applicable rates on Bed Charges (room rent) included in packages.


i) Room booking / maternity booking


1. Maternity / Day Care Advance : Non‐refundable
2. Room booking advance/cancellation of the booking should be before the date of admission. Advance is non‐refundable after the
due date.
ii) Advance deposit at the time of admission:

S.NO. Type of accommodation Amount (Rs.)
1 Category 1A/1B 100000
2 Category 1C/1D 80000
3 Category 2 70000
4 Category 3 50000
6 ICU/PICU/CCU/IMCU/NNU (All Intensive care areas) 120000


Note : a. TPA patients will have to deposit Rs. 50,000/‐ as advance at the time of admission.
b. Corporate patients will have to deposit Rs. 10,000/‐ as advance at the time of admission.

iii) In surgical cases (planned surgeries) following deposit will be in addition to Advance deposit mentioned
in Point no. (ii).

S.NO. Department Category 1 Charges (Rs.)
1 Kidney Transplant 900000
2 Cardiac Package 100%
3 Liver Transplant 2400000
4 All other surgeries As per the estimates indicated

Other Special care Charges



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