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OPD Billing

Billing for Consultation is available in the Outpatient OPD billing counters,  patients visiting Sir Ganga Ram Hospital can also get the one time Registration done at these counters.

These counters also assist with one-time registration for patients visiting the hospital.

Each time you visit a consultant, you will receive an Episode number starting with 'OP'. If any investigation is prescribed during the consultation, it will be done under the same OP episode number, and you can use this number to access your lab reports from the hospital website.

Please note that OPD consultation fees must be paid in cash, and payment modes can be either cash or card. Insurance and corporate do not cover OPD consultations.

Please check our Payment section to know more about the payment modes available.


Emergency Billing

Payment for the Emergency episode is only accepted in CASH/CARD, Insurance and other Payor types are not accepted A Billing counter is also available in the emergency unit.

If a patient is advised Hospitalization on an emergency visit, then the Emergency episode is closed and an Inpatient episode is generated upon successful admission. The Bill for Emergency episode has to be settled before admission.

Each emergency episode is assigned an episode number starting with EM; Investigations done during emergency visits are identified by the assigned emergency episode number.

Hospital Insurance/TPA and Corporate Desk do not accept queries for settlement/reimbursement of Emergency episodes.

Please check our Payment section to know more about the payment modes available.


IPD Billing

To obtain your bills for hospitalization or IPD, you can visit the Billing counter in Room No. 17 on the Ground floor of the admission section.

If you are paying in cash, you will be notified by the Patient care coordinator or someone in the hospital administration to clear your payments at regular intervals.

A unique IP number is generated for each hospitalization episode, and all investigations conducted during hospitalization are tagged with this IP episode number.

Please check our Payment section to know more about the payment modes available.

Once the discharge is advised by the treating consultant, a discharge summary is prepared by the treating unit. Once the discharge summary is prepared remaining medicines that are not advised by the consultant for treatment after discharge is returned. Charges of follow-up medicines for 7 days are included in the IP bills and are issued upon discharge. Bill is then validated by the Billing department before a final bill is issued.


Understanding Your IPD Bill

It is important to understand what information you can expect to find in your hospital bill. Here are some key details that your bill will contain:

1.  Your Hospital Registration Number: This unique number is assigned to every patient and is also known as the UHID (Unique Health Identification) number. Please check our Registration section for more information.

2.  Episode number: Each hospitalization episode is assigned a unique Inpatient Episode number.

3.  Bill Number: This number is specific to your bill and helps in identifying it.

4.  Your details: Your name, age, sex, and address were provided at the time of admission. An itemized statement of services billed with charges: This section provides a detailed breakdown of the services you received during your hospital stay, along with their associated costs.

5.  The Date of Admission and Date of Discharge: These dates are important to keep track of your hospitalization period. The number of days of Hospitalization: This information helps to calculate the total cost of your hospital stay.

6.  Hospital Bank account details for payment: This section provides you with the details of the hospital's bank account, where you can make payments.

After the treating consultant advises discharge, a discharge summary is prepared by the treating unit. Any remaining medicines that are not required for post-discharge treatment are returned.

Charges for follow-up medicines for 7 days are included in the IP bills and issued upon discharge. The Billing department then validates the bill before issuing the final bill.

Please note that interim/running bills are not the final bill and may be subject to change.


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