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The ground floor and 10-floor building are located in the northeast corner of the hospital. Each floor can accommodate up to 70 cars. Visitors are requested to strictly follow the driveways and blockades set up to avoid any accidents during the movement of vehicles. There are separate entry and exit points for car parking, and the entry and exit driveway are separated up to the top floor.

Floors Ground, 1, and 2 are reserved for consultants and hospital staff. Visitors are requested not to insist on parking on the reserved floors. Toilets and washrooms are available on each floor for the convenience of visitors.

There are four elevators on three corners of each floor, and a stairway is available in 2 corners. In case of fire, visitors are requested to avoid elevators and use the stairway instead.

Parking attendants are available on each floor to help the visitors with directions. Pillars and corners on each floor are numbered to locate the parked vehicles.

Valet services are also available. Please check with the parking attendant at the entrance of the parking lot.


Car Parking 

The Operation and Maintenance of Parking Facility is outsourced. The applicable parking charges are:

  • Rs. 120/- for the first 1 hour.
  • Rs. 20/-  for per hour afterwards.

Please collect your parking token at the entrance.

Parking charges can be paid in Cash/ Wallet/ UPI only, Card swiping is not available.


Two-Wheeler Parking

Two-wheeler parking is available in the Basement of Car Parking building, visitors are requested to follow the directions of the attendants available in the parking facility for better management of the facility

Two-wheeler Parking charges :

Rs. 10/- Per hour

Entry upto 12 hrs.     Rs. 50/-

Multiple Entry            Rs. 100/- 

Both Car Parking and Two-wheeler parking are under 24/7 Close circuit camera surveillance



Visitors are requested to secure the vehicle by locking  and not leave any valuables in the vehicles. Visitors are requested to park their vehicles only on the area earmarked for Car and two-wheeler parking. Parking in the driveway or the area set aside for the movement of vehicles causes inconvenience to the other visitors who expect swift and smooth entry and exit from the parking.

Vehicles will not be allowed to exit the parking facility without producing the Parking ticket. Visitiors are requested to secure the parking ticket taken at the time of entry.

Weekly/ long term parking is not available

Both car parking and two-wheeler parking are under 24/7 close circuit camera surveillance (CCTV). Visitors are requested to secure their vehicle by locking and not leave any valuables in the vehicles. Visitors are requested to park their vehicles only in the area earmarked for car and two-wheeler parking.

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