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       1. Brochure

The hospital offers comprehensive executive health check-ups for health conscious individuals.

  1. Routine Medical Check Up Rs. 1880/-
  2. Executive Health Check Up Rs. 5500/-
  3. Comprehensive Cardiac Check Up Rs. 7400/-
  4. Whole Body Check Up (Male - Rs. 11150/-) {Female>30 yrs: Rs.15140/- & <30 yrs(Without Mammography): Rs.10010/-}
  5. Sr. Citizen Health Check Up (Male - Rs. 3390/-) (Female-Rs. 3880/-)
  6. Pre-Employment Check Up Rs. 1000/-
  7. Screening for obesity- The definition of Obesity is, when you are taking in more energy in the form of calories ,rather than burning them.This extra calories gets deposited in your body in the form of fatty tissue.Obesity is measured by body mass index.Body mass index is measured by measuring your height and weight.A Body mass index greater than 25, will label you as obese. This package helps you to find out if you are obese/ fat because of inactivity, overeating or because of any organic cause.There could be other causes which are responsible for making you “fat”.In this package we will help you to find out whether other factors are playing a role, apart from your fatty, unbalanced diet and sedentary lifestyle

    Screening for obesity- Rs. 11610/- 15 tests altogether.
  8. Polycystic ovarian syndrome/ Acne-(pimples)/irregular period problems- Polycystic ovarian syndrome/acne/irregular periods. Rs 10600/- 10 tests in total.
  9. Menopausal plan- Menopause is when your ovaries stop producing eggs and you stop your periods and cannot have babies.

    This can itself pose a problem to your health as your protective female hormones are no longer there to protect your heart and hence you are at an equal threat to develop heart disease and stroke , as compared to the males You may also have anger/temper tantrums and mood swings and these could be a part of these hormonal changes.

    The mood can also be low.

    You may be unhappy and also fed up of having night sweats and hot flushes which are also a part of this hormonal change. Also your bones become thin and your chances of developing fractures increases.

    We have devised a package which looks at your hormonal levels, along with your bone and heart health also.

    Menopausal plan.RS 23390/- 18 tests.
  10. Health checks for women— Dear women-You play a very important role in any household.You are looking after everyone and forget about yourself.You are neglecting your health and this can play a major role in your physical, mental and psychological health.We have devised a programme only for you, where you can benefit immensely

    Health checks for Women. Rs. 12920/- 14 TESTS
  11. Thyroid plan- Thyroid gland is situated in the neck, It produces 2 chemicals which are responsible for the metabolism of the body.Any abnormality in the working of this gland can cause symptoms such as

    Thyroid plan. RS 5900/-
  12. Pulmonary( chest ) check ups- Are you suffering from chest pains, shortness of breath?

    Then this is the package for you.We have devised this package so that all your questions regarding the health of your lungs and heart will be answered.

    Pulmonary (chest) Check up. RS 12500/- 17 TESTS
  13. Bone and joint consultation- Are you suffering from generalised joint pains, early morning stiffness?

    There can be various reasons for the same. Arthritis is the most common explanation.This is general wear and tear of the joint.This could be age related. But also other inflammatory joint conditions could be responsible for the same.Gouty arthritis, septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis are to name a few.We have devised this package where we aim to find out , what could be the problem.
  14. Osteoporosis plan- Do you have bone pains?

  15. Hypertension Profile- Hypertension is high Blood pressure.This is pressure in the blood vessels.

    Losing weight will help. Each 1 kg weight loss will drop the blood pressure by 1 mm.

  16. Headache/Migraine- Are You troubled by Headache?

    HEADACHE Rs 6850/- 7 TESTS
  17. Neuropathy profile- Are you troubled by numbness and pains in your legs/hands ?

  18. Male health check up (Rs 16290/-)- A special package has been devised for all the males looking at their health in general.We aim to improve their physical and mental health.

       19. Vitamin Profile- Rs 4830/- Sometimes lack of certain Vitamins may cause tiredness
              •digestion problems,
               aches and pains.This package is devised to look for the vitamin levels in the body
              •VITAMIN PROFILE 
              •VITAMIN B12
              •FOLIC ACID
              •VITAMIN D

        20. Advance Woman Rs 12980/ (Minus Mammo) - Rs 18110/-  (With 3D Mammo) 

              •Total Systematic examination,
              •Lab tests for Hb, TLC, DLC, ESR, Blood group, Blood sugar (fasting/pp), Blood Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, LFT, HbA 1C, T3, T4, TSH, Lipid Profile,Urine Exam
              •X-Ray Chest, Abdominal Ultrasound (Upper & Lower)
              •ECG, ECHO & TMT
              •Pap Smear, Mammography (women) 
              •VITAMIN B12
              •FOLIC ACID
              •VITAMIN D
              •Final Assessment Report and Consultantion.





  1. The Executive Health Check-up Centre is located above the Casualty & functions every working day between 9 am to 5 pm, except on Sundays & holidays.

  2. Appointment must be fixed in advance on Telephone No. 011-42251735 upto 4 pm & 011-42251753. Before reporting, complete 10 - 12 hours fasting is necessary. Not even tea, lassi or lime joice etc. should be taken after dinner around 8 pm on the previous night.
  3. Report of the check up will be available next day except on sundays & holidays. 
  4. Contact Persons: