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Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is renowned for its world-class medical care and has become the preferred choice for individuals seeking exceptional healthcare services. We take pride in being empanelled with a diverse range of institutional clients, including central and state government departments, prestigious Navratna and Mini Ratna PSU companies, diplomatic missions, insurance companies, and TPAs (Third Party Administrators). To provide utmost convenience and support to the beneficiaries of our corporate clients.

We have established a dedicated helpdesk. This helpdesk serves as a single point of contact for all inquiries related to empanelment, admission procedures, and appointment bookings. Our knowledgeable and friendly team at the helpdesk is ready to assist beneficiaries and address any queries or concerns they may have. Beneficiaries can reach out to the helpdesk by contacting the provided numbers. Whether it's seeking information about their empanelment status, understanding the process for admission and discharge, or scheduling appointments with our esteemed doctors, our helpdesk staff will provide prompt and reliable assistance. We understand the importance of a seamless healthcare experience for corporate beneficiaries and strive to ensure their journey with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is smooth and hassle-free.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding empanelment, admission, or appointment bookings, please reach out to our dedicated helpdesk at the provided contact numbers. We value the trust and partnership of our corporate clients and look forward to serving their healthcare needs with the utmost dedication and care.


Planned Admission

For planned admissions at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, we kindly request that you inform your Human Resource department in advance. This is to ensure the issuance of a Credit/Authorization letter, which will facilitate a smooth admission process.

By informing your Human Resource department in advance, they can initiate the necessary procedures to provide you with the required documentation for your planned admission. The Credit/Authorization letter serves as a confirmation of your eligibility and coverage for the medical services provided by the hospital. 


Emergency Admission

In the case of an emergency admission, the focus is on providing immediate medical care to the patient. While it may not be feasible to obtain documentation from the HR department of the employer in such situations, the priority is to ensure the patient receives the necessary treatment promptly.

Typically, during an emergency admission, the hospital or healthcare facility will prioritize the patient's well-being over administrative procedures. The primary concern is to stabilize the patient and initiate appropriate medical interventions.

In the event of an emergency admission where the beneficiary needs to provide identification issued by the HR department of their employer for themselves, as well as proof of relation with the patient (other than themselves).


Identification proof of beneficiary, dependant

To avail the benefits related to their corporate affiliation, the beneficiary is required to carry a valid identification proof issued by the HR department of their employer. This identification proof serves as validation for extending the benefits associated with their employment.

When visiting the hospital's IPD (In-Patient Department) or OPDs (Out-Patient Departments), the beneficiary must present their original company identification proof for verification and to access the associated benefits. This ensures that the hospital can accurately validate the beneficiary's eligibility for the corporate benefits.

In the case of dependents, such as family members, the beneficiary needs to provide a government-issued ID proof, such as an Aadhar card, to establish their identity and relationship with the beneficiary. This helps in validating their eligibility for any benefits specific to dependents.

If a person is unable to provide a valid company identification and relationship proof for dependents, the hospital may not be obligated to extend any benefits associated with the corporate affiliation. Valid identification and relationship proofs are typically required to verify eligibility for specific benefits provided under the corporate arrangement.



Credit/Authorization letter 

The authorization letter is an important document issued by the HR/Medical department of a company after validating the employee's credentials. This letter clearly states the room entitlement of the employee and specifies the length of stay allowed as per the letter. For dependents, an authorization letter becomes necessary as their identity cannot be validated at the hospital's end.

To send an authorization letter, it should be emailed to corporate.assistance@sgrh.com from the official email ID of the authorized person. Please note that emails from free server email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. are not accepted. If the authorization letter has been sent via email, the beneficiary can collect a copy of it from the Corporate desk.

During the billing and payment process, the original authorization letter must be presented by the beneficiary to avail any applicable discounts and cashless facility. It is important to note that only corporates that are empaneled with the Hospital have access to discounts and cashless facility benefits.



In order to ensure smooth processing of expenses related to MRD (Medical and Related Diagnosis) and non-medical consumables, as well as any charges not covered by the employer, it is required that the beneficiary settles these costs at the time of discharge. To facilitate this, a deposit of Rs. 10,000 is to be made by the beneficiary upon admission.

The advance amount of Rs. 10,000 serves as a preliminary payment, which will be adjusted against the actual expenses incurred during the course of treatment. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the beneficiary or charged accordingly at the time of discharge, based on the final calculation of expenses.


Bed Category as per entitlement

Corporate beneficiaries will be allocated a bed in the recommended category of accommodation as specified in the authorization letter, depending on the availability at the hospital. If the entitled category bed is not available but a higher category bed is available and desired by the beneficiary, it can be provided to initiate treatment until the entitled category bed becomes available.

However, it is important to note that the cost difference for the higher category bed, including room tariff and other charges for the duration of occupation, will be the responsibility of the beneficiary. This additional cost must be settled by the beneficiary at the time of discharge.

In cases involving transplants, regardless of the beneficiary's entitlement, the patient will be admitted to a Category 1 (Single) hospital bed due to medical reasons. Corporate beneficiaries are required to settle the entire bill for the transplant treatment according to Category 1 charges.

This policy ensures that beneficiaries receive the necessary treatment without delay, even if the entitled category bed is temporarily unavailable. It also clarifies the financial responsibilities associated with occupying a higher category bed and ensures transparency in billing for transplant procedures.


Empanelled Corporate

List of Company / Bank / Embassy empanelled with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Airport Authority of India
Bharat Earth Mover Limited
Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited
Bharat Petroleum Limited
Cement Corporation of India
Central Warehousing Corporation
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited
Engineers India Limited
Gas Authority of India Limited
Hindustan Uni Lever Limited
Honda Motor cycle and Scooter India Pvt Ltd.
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited
Indian renewal Energy Development Agency Limited
Industrial Finance Corporation Limited
Industrial Investment Bank of India Limited
Joint Plant Committee
Krishak Bharat Cooperative Limited
NTPC Sail Power Company Private Ltd.
National Capital Region Planning Board
National Thermal Power Corporation N.T.P.C. 
Nuclear Power Corporation of India
Numaligarh Refinery Limited
Neyvelilignite Corporation Limited
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
Oil India Limited
Power Finance Corporation of India Limited
Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
Reliance Industries Limited
Reserve Bank of India
Rural Electrification Corporation
Satluj Vidyut Jal Nigam Limited (NJPC Ltd)
State Trading Corporation of India Limited
Steel Authority of India Limited
Tata Communication Limited
Triveni Engineering and Industries Limited
Royal Bhutanese Embassy


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