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Celebrating Cochlear Implant Heritage

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Celebrating Cochlear Implant Heritage


12th Annual Event “Cochlear Implant Heritage” was organized at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital . Dr. Asha Agarwal Audiologist cochlear implant consultant invited 100 Implant families.


The event focused on sensitizing the group about the challenges faced by families post implantation due to the cost involved for the care and maintenance of device.


The event comprised of cultural program and also had recipient interactions and skits.


The entire event was hosted by a Cochlear Implantee.


"I am happy to share that all these efforts were rewarded as the Chairman DR Rana was very impressed by observing how CI had changed lives of recipients and helped them achieve their goals in life."


He announced that he would support care and maintenance cost for 50 recipients.