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The following documents are required at the time of admission:

Identification documents 

Patients should carry their identification documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, or passport for identity verification purposes. For International Patients it is important for them to carry their passport and valid visa.


Referral letter

If a patient is referred to a hospital by a primary care physician or specialist, they should bring the referral letter. It will help the hospital staff understand the patient's medical history and provide better treatment. The referral letter is-

In case of Emergency admission – Casualty Notes  given by the CMO.

In case Planned admission a Prescription given by the Treating Consultant (specialist) prescribing admission for further management.

For a patient referred by a doctor outside of SGRH to be admitted at SGRH, they must first seek consultation with an appropriate specialist at SGRH. Only upon receiving a prescription from the specialist can the patient be admitted to SGRH. For requesting an appointment, please check our Request an Appointment section.


Medical records

Patients should bring their medical records with them, which include any test results, X-rays, MRIs, or other diagnostic images. These documents will help the doctor understand the patient's medical history and provide accurate treatment.


Prescription medicines

Patients should bring a list of their prescription medications, including the name of the medication, dosage, and frequency. It will help the doctors to understand the medication's side effects, and interactions, and adjust the treatment accordingly.


Health insurance information

Patients should bring their health insurance information, including their insurance card and policy number. It will help the hospital staff to process the insurance claims and avoid any delays in the payment.

Please carry the Identification Documents of both the patient and the policyholder.

Check complete information about Insurance in our Insurance section.


Emergency contact information

Patients should also bring emergency contact information like the phone number of a family member or friend who can be contacted in case of any emergency.


It is recommended for a patient to come with an attendant or a family member who is knowledgeable about the patient's medical condition when seeking medical care or hospital admission to provide emotional support and care to the patient during their hospital stay. This can be particularly important for patients who may be feeling anxious, confused, or scared.The attendant can provide comfort, assistance, and reassurance, which can be beneficial for the patient's overall well-being.The attendant can help to communicate important information to the healthcare team, such as the patient's medical history, symptoms, and concerns. This can help to ensure that the patient receives appropriate care and treatment.




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