Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India

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Gynae-Oncology Clinic

The clinic provides state of art facilities for early diagnosis & management of genital tract malignancies like carcinoma cervix, uterus, ovaries, etc.

Special emphasis is laid on screening for genital tract cancers with screening tests available like PAP smear , HPV testing and colposcopy.

Patients are being managed in conjunction with onco-surgeons and onco-physicians under the same roof. Their long term follow up, psychological, social rehabitation services are also being provided.

The clinic activity collaborates with other specialists namely the peadiatricians, child psychologist & child endocrinologist.

  • Days & Timings :
  • Every Thursday & Friday from 11am - 12noon in Room # F-64
  • Consultant for Thursday Clinic :
  • Dr. Indrani Ganguli
  • Dr. Mala Srivastava
  • Dr. Mamta Dagar
  • Dr. Tarun Das