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Palliative Care Clinic

Palliative care is the art and science of patient and family-centered care aimed at attending to suffering, promoting healing and improving quality of life of patients with chronic or advanced illness and their families. The goal of care is focused on quality of life, through relief and prevention of physical, emotional, social and spiritual suffering.

Patients with active, progressive, life-limiting conditions like advanced cancer, refractory respiratory or cardiac failure, liver and kidney failure, neurodegenerative disorders and patients with chronic conditions such as advanced HIV, critically ill and bed-ridden patients are likely to benefit from the Palliative Care Clinic.

The Palliative Care Clinic provides a multidisciplinary clinical consultation in palliative medicine to all patients with chronic or life-limiting condition in need of counseling. The team comprises of physicians from

  • Pain Relief Clinic (Dr Pradeep Jain, Dr. Bimla Sharma, Dr Naresh Dua, Dr. Mahindra Singh Baansal)
  • Medicine (Dr Atul Kakar)
  • Surgery (Dr Suviraj John)
  • Surgical Oncology (Dr Rakesh Kaul)
  • Paediatrics (Dr Veronique Dinand)
  • Nurses trained in end-of-life care
  • Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist

The General OPD is held on Monday & Thursday, from 10:00 to 11:00 am in Room No. F-24.

  • Dr Jayashree Sood
  • Head
  • Palliative Care Clinic