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Sports Medicine Clinic

Sports Medicine is a sub-specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery, which deals with all issues and conditions arising from any physical activity. Sports medicine Clinic caters to all ages, for any condition or injury sustained during physical activity or sports.

The aim of sports medicine is to develop and deploy treatment modality with minimal morbidity (restriction of activity), quickest recovery and fullest rehabilitation to normal state of the individual.

The clinic covers and advises on injuries arising either directly or indirectly from physical activity, sports, fitness training or related events. This includes all soft tissue and bony problem i.e all musculo skeletal problems like pain, clicking, locking, giving way, weakness, instability, cartilage, ligament and tendon injuries of all major joints like knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist and hip.

The treatment modality includes the minimal intervention arthroscopic endoscopic surgery (also known by another common name like - Keyhole surgery and Telescopic Surgery) which leaves behind a small scar, good cosmesis, independent walking the same day, less pain and early returns to work, usually within 5-6 days.

The clinic is manned by a surgeons trained in UK, USA and Singapore in sports surgery, sports specific physiotherapist, orthotist and back up of fully equipped physiotherapy gym is available. The clinic is supported by all other specialities, especially vascular surgery, neurology and radiology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

People and athletes training and preparing for certain events can benefit from pre-event advice and counselling. This would help with goal specific training, monitor body status (fat & lean mass). Nutrition and food supplements advice for athletes is available along with advice on banned substances and drug abuse & dope testing.

General fitness advice is available for all age groups. Also medical fitness assessment before joining gym is available on a regular basis in order to prevent any injuries, followed by regular assessment for monitoring the progress made.

Game specific advice is also available with pre season tips to enhance fitness and prevent injuries in order to achieve peak performance.