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Centre for Alternative Medicine’ at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

In the continuous endeavor to provide excellent & complete ‘ Health Care’-- both, preventive and curative [as opposed to ‘ Disease-care’] Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (in keeping with the Late Founder’s philanthropic vision) strives to provide innovative services for ‘Total Health & Wellness-Plus’ (Sampurna Swastha) by way of various Holistic Healing Alternatives & therapies, for the rich & poor alike!

The CAM at SGRH provides private & general OPD/ IPD clinics, academics, and clinical research projects in Holistic Medicine & Alternative therapies, integrated with mainstream Medicine.

With the introduction of a full-fledged “Centre for ?? Medicine”, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital now provides integrated medicine & alternative therapies for ‘Total Health Care’ or “Sampurna Swastha”… perhaps the first of its kind in the capital city of India!


What is Total Health (Or Sampurana Swastha)?

Perfect or Holistic HEALTH is NOT the mere absence of disease! It is much more!

  • It is the perfect & healthy functioning of all one’s physical, mental, social, moral, and spiritual faculties & abilities.
  • It is the ‘Perfect’ balance & wellness of mind, body, and Spirit.
  • It is the complete & evolved synchronization of both--- the body [physical and mental] & the unseen energy-bodies (Chakras, Consciousness, Astral & Causal bodies, Higher Self, etc.).


What are Holistic & Alternative Medicine? How/Why is it the best path to Sampurana Swastha’?

Holistic Medicine & Alternative therapies are based on the fact that there is a Universal Energy… the Prana or the Life-Force Energy (also known as the Vital Force/ Ki/ Qi/ Chi/ Ruh/ Manna etc.) that is present in all living organisms and keeps it in health (or in ill-health, when vitiated).

So they focus on correcting the flow of these Life-Force Energies, which have got blocked, vitiated, disrupted, or disturbed, & is thus causing ill health & disease!

All systems of healing that treat ‘ Man’ as a whole (whether they are complete systems of medicine or Alternative therapies that heal through various physical, mental, or Life-Force/ Spiritual Energies), come under the purview of Holistic, complementary & Alternative Medicine. Either alone or integrated with Mainstream Medicine, they treat ‘Man’ in a holistic (whole) manner, i.e. his physical, mental, psychic, & spiritual higher bodies altogether.

Only Holistic & Integrated Medicine can treat Man & Disease as an individual whole! It addresses the problems which cannot be handled by Modern Medicine alone! It puts him on the path of ‘Total Health & Spiritual growth.

Under the need to be treated holistically (wholly), come all the mental, physical & psycho-somatic disorders (which are on a runaway course these days) that come from multiple ‘New-Age’ causes such as an unhealthy & stressed out lifestyle, lack of nutrition & bad food, lack of exercise, too much exposure to radiation & electromagnetic waves, endocrinal disorders, highly toxic chemicals, pollution, violence & terribly unhealthy & unnatural living conditions! Every thought, word, feeling, emotion & action (even when long-forgotten) can impact our psyche & consciousness to produce disease if negative, [or health if positive]!

These result in a multitude of chronic & degenerative syndromes or conditions that cannot be treated by mainstream medicine alone-- the patient needs some holistic Alternatives & curative systems of medicine that can treat him & his conditions as a whole…. for ‘Sampurna Swastha’.


What are Natural, Holistic, Alternative, and Complementary Medicine?

The term ‘ Alternative medicine’ has become somewhat confusing for it is being used to cover many diverse approaches to healing. We will limit ourselves to those that are commonly accepted in India & offered at SGRH’s ‘CAM’, and which deal with the patient as a whole. The stress is on curing the vitiated, depleted, congested, disrupted, or blocked life force energies, energy fields, psyche, and consciousness, based on the premise that all dysfunction operates on various physical, mental, emotional, and conscious levels. These therapies must necessarily be holistic, natural, rational, and capable of ‘total healing’; i.e. of attaining or maintaining perfect health by affecting, balancing, and healing all aspects of a man’s being.

Holistic healing must treat Man and disease as a whole and not his affected parts or some scattered symptoms of his disease or various disease conditions separately as different conditions.

Rational and natural medicine must also, necessarily be scientific, based on and following the Laws of Nature.

Complementary therapies are safe, rational, and natural therapies, which may be safely combined with and used as an adjunct to any medical treatment the patient may be currently on, much to his benefit, but without interfering with the other treatments. They are complementary to other systems of medicine.

With the introduction of a full-fledged “ Centre for Holistic Medicine” Sir Ganga Ram Hospital now provides ‘Total Health Care’… perhaps the first of its kind in the capital city of India.


What is offered at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital's "Center for Holistic Medicine"?

SGRH has offered some Alternative systems of Medicine/ therapies for many years now, which include— departments of Acupuncture, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation & healthy Life-style clinics, counseling for ‘Cessation of smoking’ etc. which have already been providing ‘Health’ & curing diseases in thousands of patients in SGRH.

But now, SGRH offers a range of choices for your ‘ TOTAL HEALTH’ by way of the many drugless, non-invasive & complementary therapies that have been added at the ’CAM’ a full-fledged ‘Centre for Holistic Medicine’ that includes Acupressure, Spiritual & Karmic Healing, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Aura Scanning & reading, Chakra cleansing, balancing & healing and so on.

At the Hospital’s CAM --- Aura & Chakra scanning & analysis through a machine called the ‘Universal Prana Scanner’ or by the healers themselves is available.

Do make ‘informed choices’ towards “Perfect Health” for yourself & your loved ones…whether children or senior citizens!  


What can Alternative Medicine do for me as a Patient? 

Since Total Health is the healthy & balanced functioning of mind, body & spirit… could tranquilizers, sedatives, toxic drugs & surgery be the only answers to ill health?!

Doctors & Healers at “Centre for Alt Medicine”… think NOT!! They strive to provide you with ‘Sampurna Swastha’!

It has now been scientifically proven & globally accepted that the growing rate of chronic, degenerative & modern-day ‘New Age’ diseases have a definite link to unhealthy lifestyles, wrong diets, unhealthy &  unnatural foods, lack of exercise, high levels of stress, too much exposure to radio-active/ electromagnetic waves & positive-ions bombardment!

It is equally true that with Holistic & Integrated Healing & stress management, one can control, prevent, reverse or even cure various chronic conditions like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, endocrine disorders, multiple sclerosis, cancer, depression & anxiety disorders & so on.

A little bit of stress is inevitable, even necessary in life, (for motivation or adaptation to situations) but when ‘stress’ changes to ‘distress’… that’s when ‘dis-ease’ begins.

NO! “Taking a pill for every little ill” is not the solution to ill-health!

Complete systems of scientific, curative medicine such as Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Yoga & Nature Cure, Unani, Tibetan & Siddha medicine & others, integrated with natural, alternative/ complementary therapies such as Aromatherapy, Acupressure & various ‘Energy healings’ (Reiki, Pranic, Karmic healing etc.) can prevent, manage, alleviate & cure all kinds of mental & physical diseases, both acute & chronic; deep-seated, lethal & degenerative conditions; or just undiagnosed dis-ease symptoms.

They have also shown amazing & convincing results in the prevention & cure of constitutional, hereditary, congenital & drug resistant diseases, as also in so-called ‘incurable’ & ‘surgical’ cases.

Diseases labeled ‘incurable’ or purely ‘surgical’ by the allopaths are not necessarily so, and very often one finds such cases perfectly amenable to other systems of medicine such as Homoeopathy & Ayurveda.

Thus one finds--- Infections, fevers, allergies, headaches & migraines; haemorrhages, coma, strokes & paralysis, spondylitis & spondylosis, backaches, gout, rheumatic, arthritic & orthopaedic complaints & other joints/ bones/ muscular disorders; lungs/ heart/ blood, circulatory system & cardio-vascular, pulmonary, renal and liver diseases; ailments of the nervous system, gastro-intestinal system, genito-urinary and the lymphatic systems; respiratory diseases, sinusitis, eye, ear, nose, throat, oral, hair and skin problems; growths, cysts, tumors, piles, fissures, fistulae, abscesses, carbuncles, gangrene, ulcers, calculi, hydrocephalus and other so-called ‘surgical’ conditions; hepatitis, diabetes, tuberculosis, pre-cancerous conditions & malignancies, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s & Multiple Sclerosis, depression, anxiety attacks & psychoses, mental & nervous disorders, vertigo, emotional problems, tendency to repeated abortions, weakness/ debility and any number of vague or undiagnosed symptoms (put down to imagination by orthodox medicine, because they cannot be categorized into a particular group of symptoms for diagnosis)--- all falling well within the purview, range & scope of various complete systems of medicine such as Homoeopathy & Ayurveda and integrated Holistic alternatives!

Holistic Medicine can prevent, safely treat, alleviate, permanently cure or palliate the above-mentioned conditions.

Most importantly, they are very safe for mothers-to-be, babies & children and so can be used when strong & toxic drugs cannot be, especially during pregnancy.

They can also build up the body’s natural immunity & insusceptibility to recurring conditions, such as asthma and allergies, viral/ bacterial/ parasitical infections & intermittent fevers, migraines, sinusitis, etc. & should be used for kids, senior citizens & recuperating patients!

Yoga, Meditation & Aromatherapy are great stress-busting therapies! Spiritual & Pranic Healing & Reiki address many psycho-somatic & mental problems. Foot Reflexology & others address the physical & psycho-somatic problems created by stress, obesity, constipation & acidity, etc. Homoeopathy & Ayurveda are complete systems of medicine.

MEDITATION is everyone’s path to evolving spiritually and living Life 200%.

Non-invasive, non-toxic, natural, scientific, gentle, safe & curative Holistic systems of medicine & Alternative Therapies are…

  • A Child’s Path to healthy growth & Immunity;
  • A Woman’s Path to Wellness & Sensitivity;
  • An Adult’s Path to Sampurna Swastha;
  • A Senior Citizen’s Path to Longevity;
  • Our Planet’s Path to Sustainability!


Advantages of Alternate Medicine

Complete systems of Holistic Medicine & safe & scientific Alternative therapies are Natural, rational, & curative!

i). Holistic Medicine & Natural, Alternative therapies do not aggravate an already sick, weak & suffering patient, (except as a transient phase when the therapy may release and expel old toxins from the body and detoxify it). They are gentle, safe, scientific & patient-friendly!

ii). They not only act on a physical and local level but also act on a patient’s consciousness, energy fields, and psychic bodies to treat & cure him as a whole.

iii) They do not cause any drug-induced, drug-related, toxic, or drug-resistant conditions; do not suppress the problems only to appear later in more dangerous forms; and do not cause any side effects, aftereffects, withdrawal symptoms, or drug dependency.

iv). Alternative therapies do not cause the body to become more & more susceptible to recurring attacks of illnesses by lowering its immunity, (in fact they can build up phenomenal resistance & immunity in children, senior citizens & everyone else), nor do they cause the disease-causing pathogens to mutate or become drug-resistant.

v). Other advantages of these Holistic Alternatives are that since they are all complementary to one another & act on similar premises, two or more of them can be used simultaneously without conflict, much to the patients’ benefit and excellence in healing.

vi). These ancient or ‘New Age’, traditional or non-traditional, Holistic Alternatives are widely recognized, practiced and easily available in India.

vii). One of their greatest advantages is that most Alternatives do not require extensive & expensive pathological testing, which is not only unavailable in rural areas but also unavailable to the urban poor. Most Alternatives have their own, built-in methods of making a diagnosis and they usually diagnose the patient as a whole & not just the localized, physical disease.

vii). Since they do not require exorbitant tests or expensive drugs for treatment (which, very often, are neither curative nor within everyone’s reach, often creating health hazards of their own), the feasibility of providing most of these healing Alternatives to the poor & in remote or rural areas is high.

viii). They can be taught to & practiced by reasonably intelligent laymen, without needing much infrastructure or equipment for their teaching. They can be introduced at grass-root levels for self-empowerment, or taught in our regular medical education, so while being extremely patient-friendly, they are economically viable too!

Mostly, they can be conveniently administered at home or even while traveling, without an elaborate infrastructure of equipped clinics or hospitals.

While Modern-medicine concentrates on the ‘Disease-care’ of a patient, Holistic Alternatives concentrate on the ‘Health-care’ & ‘Sampurna Swastha’ of an individual.



As just mentioned, the scope and reach of Holistic and alternative therapies and medicine are very wide indeed, but nothing is a panacea in itself and everything has its limitations. So to do these therapies it is not recommended that patients should resort to these therapies alone, for certain conditions. They may, however, be used as an aid to or in conjunction with Modern medicine, surgery, and other medical/ mechanical measures required for such conditions.

Some of these conditions are :

  • Life-threatening situations such as heart attacks, myocardial infarction, heart failure, inflamed, infected or perforated appendix, bleeding or ruptured gastric ulcers, diphtheria, poisoning, peritonitis, diabetic coma, acute renal colic, and other such conditions.
  • Purely surgical cases or cases where mechanical intervention or procedures are essential—e.g. Accidents, trauma, injuries, severe lacerations, fractures, hemorrhages, hernias, asphyxia and blockage of the wind-pipe, ingestion of poisons, catheterization required for retention of urine, etc.
  • Malnutrition and deficiency-related conditions, where replacement therapy is essential—e.g. replacement of blood during surgery or hemorrhage, intravenous fluids in dehydration, nutrients in malnutrition and starvation, sugar in hypoglycemia, and so on.
  • Terminal and incurable cases where quality nursing care and palliative measures are of prime importance. However, most Alternatives provide excellent palliation in such cases.


Team of Holistic Doctors, Healers & Alternative Therapists at SGRH

CAM’s Yoga & Meditation dept. with Healthy Lifestyle clinics (ably manned by Dr. Ramesh Chandra under the guidance of senior cardiologist Dr. Manchanda who also counsels patients on living a natural & healthy lifestyle & reversing/ managing their cardiac & other chronic disorders), is an extremely popular part of CAM for prevention, management, reversal & cure of various diseases, especially the ‘New-Age’ disorders & Chronic Degenerative Diseases (CDDs).

The Universal Prana Scanner is used by Dr. Ramesh Chandra, SGRH&rsquo's ‘ Yoga & Life-style’ consultant who has received his training from Hyderabad & is adept at analyzing its readings.

Spiritual healer…Mr. Dinyesh is a highly sensitive & experienced Reiki/ Karmic Healer who prefers to use his hands for scanning, cleansing, energizing & balancing Auras & Chakras, sealing Aura leaks, etc.

Healer Ajay Sharma to is a spiritual-Energy Healer who especially addresses the need for deaddiction from various drug-abuse substances, especially tobacco.

Ms. Rashmi takes you from “Sole to Soul”-- as she practices both, Foot Reflexology & Pranic Healing.

The Acupuncture dept. headed by Dr. Raman Kapoor is perhaps the oldest alternative clinic at SGRH

The Homoeopathic dept. has both, charitable & general OPDs as well as pvt. OPDs, manned by 6 highly qualified Homoeopaths. It has its own dispensing unit & treats indoor/ ICU patients as well, on request.

Dr. Preethi Chhabra & Dr. Parmeshwar Arora are both M.D. doctors in Ayurveda & are available at SGRH in pvt clinics. 

Dr. Kamal Saxena practices Aromatherapy, an excellent alternative for relieving stress & healing stress-related & behavioral problems & chronic, psycho-somatic & mental disorders, etc.

In fact, all the Healers, therapists & doctors at ‘The Centre for Holistic Medicine’ are highly experienced practitioners in their own right, with years of practice behind them! You can avail of their Healing at SGRH (by appt.) on the days & times mentioned under the respective therapies.

[For information on Clinical –Hypnotherapy & regression therapies, or free consultation on Alternative therapies, contact Dr. (Ms.) C. Seth at (0) 7838432432].

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