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Institute of Medical Genetics & Genomics


The Institute of Medical Genetics & Genomics was established in 1997, under the leadership and vision of Dr. I.C. Verma. In a short span, the department has developed into the leading center for Genetic services in India. Patients are referred for genetic counseling and testing from all over India, as well as from Bangladesh, Pakistan, nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and UAE.

Next generation sequencing based tests have been established in the Molecular Genetics Section of the department. This is the current state of the art technology in genetics diagnostic and research. We have also established Chromosomal microarray analysis in Cytogenetics and this is being performed in post natal as well as prenatal samples. The Bio chemical genetics laboratory is currently performing lysosomal storage disorders enzyme analysis on DBS for the entire country and South Asia. We were the first to establish this technology in the country. The HLA laboratory is the first private lab in North India to start the Antibody screening tests (DSA, PRA) on LUMINEX platform.

At the Institute of Medical Genetics & Genomics, we are a group that is continuously striving fro excellence in counseling, management, testinga nd prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders. We are committeed to compassionate patient care, accurate and timely performance of tests, and generating new knowledge in the field of genetic disorders in India.


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