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Surgical Oncology


The Department of Surgical Oncology was started in 2001 and is today one of the pioneers in the field of breast cancer, thyroid cancer, head and neck cancer and gynecological cancer. The department is involved in the surgical management of all sorts of solid tumors with specific interest in cancers of breast, ovaries, endometrium, head and neck.

In collaboration with medical oncology, anaesthesia & other departments, the department organises cancer detection camps & awareness programmes on breast cancer, lung cancer, head& neck cancer & cancer pain management.

The department is also involved in school education for cancer awareness & prevention particularly tobacco related diseases. 

Facilities provided

  • OPD, day care & indoor facilities, stoma care
  • Cancer screening & cancer counselling
  • Head & neck cancer surgery and reconstruction by free flaps with microvascular anastomosis
  • Breast cancer surgery including breast conservation surgery, breast reconstruction by regional flaps/free flap with microvascular anastomosis and the sentinel lymph node biopsy
  • Limb salvage surgery in bone & soft tissue sarcomas
  • Genitourinary oncology
  • Gastrointestinal cancer surgery
  • Thoracic cancer surgery

Academic activities

In collaboration with oncology department, the department organises CMEs & seminars at national & international levels.


Head & Neck / Breast / GI Surgery / Gynae Onco / Bone & Soft Tissue Tumors / Skin Malignancy Surgery

- Dr. Rakesh Kaul

- Dr. Arvind Kumar

- Dr. Deepika Gupta

- Dr. Bimlesh Thakur

Head & Neck Onco-Surgery

- Dr. Sangeet Aggrawal

Gastro Intestinal, Colorectal & HPB Onco-Surgery

- Dr. Saumitra Rawat

- Dr. Naimish Mehta

- Dr. Suresh Singhvi

Uro Onco-Surgery

- Dr. Ajay Sharma

- Dr. Sudhir Chadha

Obst. & Gynae Onco-Surgery

- Dr. Mala Srivastava

- Dr. Rahul Modi

- Dr. Punita Bhardwaj

- Dr. Arvind Kumar

Thoracic Onco-Surgery

- Dr. Sabyasachi Bal