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Joint Replacement Surgery


The Joint Replacement Centre is headed by, Dr.(Prof.) C S Yadav Internationally renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon who worked 22 years as Professor and Joint Replacement Surgeon in All India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and is known for his innovations to enhance the patient care and recovery in the field of joint replacement. He has established / set newer trends in the field of Arthroplasty. His unique way of doing total knee Arthroplasty is very popular among the patients and Arthroplasty surgeons.

Joint Replacement Procedure (Total Knee Replacement) Used By Dr. C.S. Yadav:

  1. Mid Vastus Approach unlike Parapateral Approach (Used by Majority of Surgeons)
  2. Used CR Knee unlike PS Knee (Used by Majority of Surgeons)
  3. Mesured Resection Technique unlike Gap Balancing Technique (Used by Majority of Surgeons)
  4. No Drain Use Unlike Drain Use (Used by Majority of Surgeons

Overall effect of above steps are:

  • No need to call physiotherapist at home after the discharge.
  • Minimum soft tissue release and Minimum Bone cuts as a result patient feels less pain, natural, more confident, recovers early and Better Patella Functioning so no need of aggresive physiotherapy unlike practiced by rest of the surgeons.
  • Minimum or No need of Blood Transfusion because of the above techniques.

Joint Replacement Procedure (Total Hip Replacement) Used By Dr. C.S. Yadav:

  1. Self-developed Innovative way of EPMR Technique, so dislocation rate reduces less than 1% or 0%.
  2. Minimum blood loss surgery and no use of drain, so minimum blood transfusion required by patients.

The arthroplasty centre has state of the art facility with navigation system at its disposal. More than 1500 Minimally Invasive Joint replacements surgeries have been performed in last 4 years by Prof. Nagi & his team. Prof. O.N. Nagi is a pioneer in developing minimal invasive surgical technique on which he has performed live surgeries in different countries in Asia Pacific Region for purpose of teaching and training. Majority of patients after Minimal invasive Hip and Knee surgery attain full range of movements and can even squat. Stringent protocols and unique surgical technique have been developed to minimize infection and bleeding to absolute minimum. Other than Total Knee and Hip Replacement, the centre is doing Surface /metal on metal hip arthroplasty Elbow, Shoulder and Revision Arthroplasty regularly.

3 Six month to one year Fellowships are awarded by the arthroplasty Centre every year for training and educational activities.