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Dental Surgery

The Department of Dental Surgery is staffed by very competent and renowned faculty.

  • Dr. Bela S. Jain ( Chairman)
  • Dr. Vikas Sethi (Vice Chairman)

Dr. Bela S. Jain

Dr. Sunil Datta

Dr. Suneetha G.

Dr. Anup Razdan

Unit – II

Dr. Anupama Sethi

Dr. Suneetha G.

Dr. Karan Rai

Dr. Ajay Bharija

Unit- III

Dr. Ashwin Dewan

Dr. Vikas Sethi

Dr. Suneetha G

Dr. Devika Duggal

Unit- IV

Dr. Deepak Agarwal

Unit- V

Dr. Tanvir Singh


Miss. Sarita Kaushik Executive Secretary Room No.56, 1st Floor Casualty Block, Old Building Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Rajinder Nagar New Delhi-110060 Tel. No.: +91 11 42251710.

The Department of Dental Surgery is one of the most advanced and up to date centers in the field of Dentistry. It has a faculty of consultants, each pursuing a specialist field along with general Dentistry work. The department is one of the best centers for Dental Implants and Orthodontic treatment in the Northern India.

Services Provided:

Preventive Dentistry: Complete dental check up. Comprehensive treatment plan to take care of disease already present and advice on how to prevent further dental problems.

  1. Cavity sealants to prevent Cavities in permanent teeth
  2. Prophylatic Scaling to prevent gum Diseases
  3. Fluoride Applicaton to prevent cavities in milk teeth

Conservative Dentistry: Teeth with Cavities (Carious) are treated filled using tooth coloured filling materials.

  1. Fillings are done where the damage is not extensive
  2. Root canal Treatment is done when the infection has caused extensive damage to the tooth. Latest State of the art materials and techniques are used by specialists.
  3. Crowns are placed on teeth which have undergone Root Canal Treatment to reinforce the damaged teeth.

3.Pediatric Dentistry

  1. Cavity sealants and fluoride applications are done as a part of the protocol to prevent dental diseases in children.
  2. Pulpotomy and pulpectomy are undertaken where needed and special pediatric crowns are placed.
  3. Children are treated by a specialist. In those cases where the young child is unable to get treatment done, the hospital provides the specialized services of Sedation or General Anesthesia where the child can be treated without any discomfort or pain.

4. Prosthodontics

  1. Teeth which have been extracted are replaced using state of the art technology and materials.
  2. Dental Implants are gold standard today for replacing teeth. An Implant is basically an artificial root. This is put into the bone to replace the roots of the extracted teeth. Then the replacement teeth are attached to the implant. This is important because it preserves the bone also. It is documented to last a life time.
  3. Fixed Bridges are made using the state of the art materials. Not only the standard porcelain fused to metal bridges are being made, but the newer Metal Free Ceramic bridges are being made. Life of a bridge is dependent on the teeth on which it rests. It is documented to last eight to ten years.
  4. Removable Dentures using the conventional hard acrylic or the newer flexible materials are given in those situations where the patient is not in a position to get fixed teeth placed. The chewing efficiency is only 40% of the normal chewing efficiemcy. Removable dentures also accelerate bone resorption, hence are last choice to replace missing teeth.
  5. Obturators are made for those patients who require them.

5. Periodontics

  1. Routine scaling is advised for everyone every six months. This is a Prophylactic procedure and prevents gum diseases.
  2. In those cases where gums bleed or are infected, deep subgingival Scaling and curettage is done.
  3. Gingivectomy is done when there is Gum Enlargement.
  4. Bone augmentation is done in cases of bone loss due to gum disease

6. Oral & Maxillofacial surgery

  1. Wisdom Tooth Extraction is done routinely in cases where the last molar gets stuck in the jaws due to inadequate space in the jaws.
  2. Cysts and Tumours of the Jaws are operated
  3. Maxillofacial Trauma is treated
  4. Tempro Mandibular Joint disorders are treated
  5. Surgical correction of jaw deformities is done
  6. Orthognatic Surgery is done as a team effort with the orthodontist.

7. Orthodontics

  1. Braces are used to correct crooked or protruding teeth and jaws to improve aesthetics and function
  2. Removable and Fixed Appliances are both available and are chosen specific to the requirement of each case
  3. Ceramic Tooth Coloured Braces are now more commonly being used
  4. Stainless steel Braces are still the main stay.
  5. Clear aligners are also used
  6. Adult orthodontic treatment is done
  7. Cleft lip and palate Orthodontic Correction is done as a team effort with the surgeons

8.Dental Implants

  1. Dental Implants are used to replace missing and extracted teeth. Today this is the most scientific procedure
  2. The advantage is that there is no damage to the adjacent teeth as in the conventional bridge and no need to remove removable dentures at night. Dental Implants also preserve the bone and hence reduce the appearance of sagging cheeks associated with ageing
  3. The chewing efficiency is on par with the chewing efficiency of natural teeth. These are documented to last for a life time.

9. Cosmetic Dentistry

  1. Bleaching and Whitening to lighten the colour of the teeth is done
  2. Veneers are made to correct the colour and shape of the front teeth
  3. Complete Smile Design is done

10. X-Rays

  1. Specialized chairside digital Xrays are available. These are designed to have a very low radiation exposure and the picture is instantaneous thus time saving.